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Tifa left to go fight Shinra in their home city of Midgar and Barret and the others knew the rest of the story. D-Key x Matiyash сотни несказанных фраз Christmas Every Day David Archuleta. И мы любили от встречи до встречи. Mako taint remained one of those aspects of city life that had faded more or less into the background; for a time it had seemed like something that Tifa would never be able to overlook.

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Возьми всё изнутри и выброси, Потому что клянусь в последний раз, что я не доверю себя.

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Email me when new interpretations are posted for From The Inside. The team had hired Tifa as a guide up Mount Nible. Tifa left to go fight Shinra in their home city of Midgar and Barret and the others knew the rest of the story.

I agree alot with the top rated interpretation insside i would not limit the whole meaning on self harming. The sound just before the riff and chorus starts represents intense emotion before the anger and self-harm stage, perhaps self-hatred or inner fear, which must be converted to anger before it gets out of control. D-Key x Matiyash сотни несказанных фраз Cloud survives the fall thanks to a church roof, a bed of flowers and the nun, Aerith Gainsboroughwho tends to his wounds and helps him make his way out of the slums.


Cloud and Barret arrive just in time to back Barret up. Текст комментария максимум символов: This then leads to his self-harm, as well as the pronoun starting the sentance of the chorus. The fact that he has to make himself do it could represent that he is arguing with himself and innerly confused.

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Я не буду тратить свое время на тебя, тебя, тебя Тратить свое время на тебя, тебя, тебя This is in my opinion the most powerful and intense introductory self-harm metaphor. There seems to be a sensation of time going slower before it goes into the riff, and this could suggest that tension is indide up, before the release.

Keep in mind, around the time when Chester wrote this, his relationship with his first wife was falling apart, so the song could have something to do with her. Sure enough Marlene is safe with Elmyra. The repetition of «you» emphasizes his anger at him, and also suggests he is self-harming over her, and she is the cause of his problems.

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Asti Бахти лет спустя Душеполезные песни на каждый день — Глубоко А. Christmas Every Day David Archuleta.

Чтобы узнать дословный перевод песни, можете наводить мышкой на английские слова. He sees self-harming again as «falling apart».


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Горький шоколад Сколько была ссор, сколько было боли, И каждый разговор ничего не стоит. Cloud will insist on getting payed upfront before the next mission tifa-froj Barret considers his price too high. She shifts positions, only to bump up against Cloud and Tifa crammed in close on either side of her.

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Saudade by runicmagitek Fandoms: Я вытаскиваю все изнутри, из своей души А потом выбрасываю ко всем чертям Потому что я клянусь, что даже в самый последний момент Я не доверюсь. Боль моя, небо моё. Date Night by RosyPalms Fandoms: Smushed together here to peruse at your leisure.

Equilibirum by Lyumia Fandoms: Вы все из блядской спермы. Мы вместе росли, ходили в школу, inslde дискотеки, шутили, обсуждали новинки моды и косметики, влюблялись и часами сидели и рассказывали друг другу о первом свидании, поцелуе под луной, о своих дальнейших планах Моей подружке Алине!!!!